2015 Midwest mission: the Phoenix Innovation experience

Last June, 7 companies participated in a mission organized by The Elastomer Valley in the American Midwest, a region recognized as the heart of elastomers in the United States. The visit included 32 business meetings and over 50 potential meetings. Stephen Murphy, CEO of Phoenix Innovation Technology, was part of this group and he has agreed to share his experience with us.

Mr. Murphy, what were your objectives in connection with this trip?

S M – Business development primarily! Our factory has been functional since last November and this visit was to a market that we are targeting. We believe that the businesses in this region have an interest in knowing about products manufactured in Quebec. So the idea was to meet potential customers, in Ohio particularly.

Has the experience been conclusive?

S M – Yes, the trip enabled me to meet with five different companies, three of which are particularly interested and are testing our products right now. There is also an excellent potential for additional meetings.

I would add that beyond the meetings with American prospects, this trip has been an opportunity for networking between us. I received excellent advice from other participants and I can say that the experience was pleasant and rewarding on a number of levels.

What is the greatest advantage to being part of a business group according to you?

S M – The Elastomer Valley consists of companies in a specific industry and the activities organized by the group are designed for us in the elastomer niche. It is highly beneficial for the sector and for our individual businesses.

Phoenix Innovation Technology is one of the 19 member companies of The Elastomer Valley. Phoenix Innovation Technology specializes in eco-efficient regeneration of rubber granules that can be incorporated, at low cost, into rubber products or mixtures.