Applied research centre for elastomers: feasibility study in progress

A feasibility study is being conducted among businesses in the industry in order to evaluate the market potential for the introduction of an applied research centre focussing on elastomers. Part of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan’s Innovation focus, this project will provide firms in the industry with additional means to promote research and development being carried out at their companies.

This project aims to increase and further support R&D efforts among businesses in the sector in order to give them a competitive edge on international markets. It will also inform the university sector of the issues facing businesses and allow it to contribute to development efforts. This project will help to:

  • position the Estrie region as the main hub of expertise in Quebec’s elastomer industry;
  • increase and facilitate research and development activities in collaboration with research partners;
  • develop new, added-value products that help to expand target markets;
  • encourage additional industrial investment and attract new businesses.

“Currently, there is no research centre in Canada that serves the elastomer industry. Thanks to this study, Elastomer Valley intends to assess the needs of businesses and, if necessary, evaluate the feasibility and relevance of setting up a research and development unit,”

explains Claude Harvey, Niche Director. He states that several elements could be included in such a project, in accordance with industry interest, including:

  • specialized characterization equipment for tests normally sent out to specialized foreign laboratories;
  • evaluation of technologies to improve the formula and microstructure of materials;
  • virtual manufacturing technologies (3D printing).
  • Real-time diagnostic technologies to track the behaviour of materials during the manufacturing process or to evaluate the quality of finished products;
    • Forming technologies;
    • Formulation and shaping of raw materials;
    • Business consulting service;
    • Other industry-relevant services.

This fall, Deloitte will present the final report, including recommendations on the feasibility of the project.