CSMO Technical Symposium

The CSMO technical symposium took place this past November 24 and 25, with the event’s theme billed as Raw Materials, Recycling and Innovation.

Claude Janin, a world-renowned expert in elastomer blends, gave two conferences. In the first, entitled La nouvelle problématique des matières premières (new issues in raw materials), Mr. Janin spoke of the importance of developing biosourced raw materials, an initiative supported mainly by tire manufacturers. In his second presentation, Le recyclage du caoutchouc (rubber recycling), Mr. Janin introduced various alternatives for rubber recycling, most of which had been reviewed in a study conducted in 2013 by the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTEI) on behalf of The Elastomer Valley.

Christian Roy gave a conference on vacuum pyrolysis rubber recycling, introducing technology developed by Pyrovac Inc. and the by-products derived from this process.

Lastly, professors Said Elkoun and Mathieu Robert from the Université de Sherbrooke were in attendance to discuss alternatives to using recycled rubber as polymer reinforcements. Other solutions could also be developed at the new Carrefour d’Innovations en Technologies écologiques (CITÉ) now located in Granby, in partnership with the city and private firms.

With more than forty diverse corporate participants, this was another successful symposium sponsored by the CSMO. And a new activity has been scheduled for March 2016!