Elastomer Valley marketing-communications plan: a productive workshop

The Elastomer Valley has been working on its marketing-communications plan since last fall. The group held a workshop last January 25. The exercise, aimed at collecting participants’ ideas and points of view, was held in sept24′s offices in Sherbrooke.

The Elastomer Valley would like to thank the members and partners who volunteered after responding to an appeal to all: François Cayer, Milan Conception, Roger Gamelin, Conceptromec, Donald Morissette, Groupe PPD, Jean-Guy Richard, American Biltrite, Claude Robichaud, Falpaco and David Malo, MEIE, who had taken the time to prepare for the meeting. Numerous ideas were collected and will be used to contribute to sept24′s strategies to establish the plan. The Elastomer Valley will receive this proposal in the coming weeks, whereupon the plan will be implemented.

At a cost of $24,000, this project targets the marketing focus of the strategic plan. It is funded by the Programme d’appui au développement des secteurs stratégiques et des créneaux d’excellence (PADS) and by contributions from business. Its purpose is to showcase the group’s expertise and position it on the international scene (USA and Mexico).