Elastomer Valley video filming: thanks to businesses for their hospitality!

Elastomer Valley is currently making a promotional video for its marketing-communications plan. Running 2-3 minutes, this marketing tool will be used to introduce the diversity of the group’s expertise and dynamism. Filming took place last June 13-15. The communications-marketing agency team at sept/24 visited approximately a dozen businesses from the Estrie and Montreal regions. The excellent collaboration of the businesses helped to optimize the filming schedule, and everything went according to plan! A BIG THANKS to the following members for their welcome and time:

  • Éric Fréchette, Vicone
  • Philippe Grenier, Elastoproxy
  • Stephen Murphy, Phoenix Innovation
  • Pierre Provencher, Soucy Baron
  • Roger Gamelin, Conceptromec
  • Maude Charest, MI Integration
  • François Cayer, Milan Conception
  • Serge Veilleux, American Biltrite

The video is currently being edited. In addition to highlighting equipment and machinery, the concept will focus on the people who work at the companies. Mixer, transformer, supplier, equipment manufacturer and toolmaker areas of expertise will all be represented. The video will be taped in English to cater to the US market, and could eventually be translated into other languages. It will be put online and broadcast at the end of the summer. Members will be invited to share it on their own social networks.