Our strategic directions



Custom mixers, transformers, parts makers, raw materials suppliers, OEM's or toolmakers, whatever their field of activity, the firms gravitate around a core facilitator and creator of external networks. These relationships are founded through the development of partnerships and at international trade missions.



Elastomer Valley is proud to contribute to innovation by introducing fresh dynamism into its ever-expanding network. Its involvement includes:

  • Promoting collaboration among businesses and partners to develop the best elastomer solutions
  • Helping its members to acquire a better understanding of the technology developments that lead to a reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Encouraging formal alliances with other international groups in order to share their respective expertise.


Develop expertise

  • Assist our businesses in the use of new technologies to promote business development
  • Favor the introduction of a VAP approach (value-added production) for internal processes
  • Support the development of key technical staff to prepare the next generation of competent workers
  • Collaborate with industry partners to ensure the availability of production workers trained according to industry requirements.


Commit to sustainable development

  • Promote sustainable development initiatives
  • Promote the development of recycled products and assist with their marketing
  • Reduce rubber waste landfills by developing alternative valuation solutions
  • Help businesses to reduce their manufacturing waste and use recycled materials.