International Elastomer conference (IEC 2017)

Naturally, this major event offers a huge potential to forge business partnerships. Attendees included many suppliers of raw materials and equipment manufacturers, sourcing rubber blends, coated products, molds, tools and other types of equipment.

The Valley keeps drawing a lot of curiosity, even after three appearances… especially the ‘business’ model. As well, Kyle Brown, a reporter from Rubber News, conducted an in-depth interview with Michel Therrien, president of Lab Integration, François Cayer, sales and marketing director for Milan Conception, Mary-Ann McCarron, sales and product development manager with Soucy Techno, and Claude Harvey, director of the Valley. The Elastomer Valley is often referred to as a “small Akron.”

This attendance at the IEC conference in Cleveland reinforces one of the important mandates of the 2015-2020 strategic development plan, which is to increase the group’s presence in North America. This visibility once again strengthens the Valley’s brand image and presence in the industry, and creates a unique opportunity to meet directly with clients and suppliers and discuss future trends and needs. The goal of this presence is always to market all Elastomer Valley members, and especially to highlight the expertise of their members.

Picture: On the left Mr François Cayer from Milan Conception, Mrs Maxime Paquette D'Avignon from Lab Integration. On the right Mr Michel Thérien from Lab Integration and Mr. Claude Harvey from Elastomer Valley