The Elastomer Valley exhibits at the International Elastomer Conference in Cleveland

In its 2015-2020 strategic plan, The Elastomer Valley clearly stressed the importance of maintaining a presence on the North American scene in order to increase recognition for the group. It is in that context that Claude Harvey headed to the International Elastomer Conference (IEC), which took place in Cleveland this past October 13–15.

The event welcomed over a hundred visitors to The Elastomer Valley kiosk, with the creation of more than twenty contacts (suppliers of raw materials, specialized instruments, graduating students in elastomer engineering, potential clients sourcing elastomer mixing equipment, etc.). Benoit Langlois and François Cayer from Milan Conception assisted Claude Harvey in welcoming visitors and informing them about The Elastomer Valley group. Three other The Elastomer Valley firms also set up a kiosk during this event: Soucy Techno, Airboss Engineering Products and Numetrix Technologies.

This is the second time that The Elastomer Valley has exhibited at an IEC, with the goal to consolidate the group’s presence in the North American elastomer market. While several visitors were already aware of some Quebec firms, The Elastomer Valley feels that it is important to promote the full expertise of its members.