Valley Businesses

Two firms among the best managed in Canada are Valley members

M.I. Integration and Soucy Techno made the list of the 50 best-managed firms in Canada, according to Deloitte, as we learned in an article published in la Tribune last March 10.

The 2015 laureates have similar characteristics. They are flexible, innovative, visionary and focussed on technology. Read the story (in French).

Numetrix Technologies innovates with their 3D Tire Sidewall Inspection System

The news spread many times over among the industry since the launch last February of the 3D Tire Sidewall inspection system, by Numetrix Technology. 3D Tire Sidewall makes it possible to inspect a tire’s sidewall faster, more effectively and more reliably than any other technique previously used. Watch the video.

Numetrix in Stuttgart

Numetrix will man a kiosk at the 30th edition of Control – International trade fair for quality assurance, a trade fair to be held in Stuttgart, Germany, this coming April 26 to 29. This fair introduces technologies, products, subsystems and innovative complete IT solutions from around the world.

M.I. Integration shines bright

M.I. Integration recently inaugurated its new Web site and made the news in a story published this past March 9 by the Financial Post, entitled Innovation fuels drive to break the mould. The Sherbrooke-based company employs 257 people and is active in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

Conceptromec: new detection technology

Conceptromec Export announces the integration of technology to detect and measure rubber parts by camera for automated cutting equipment used in the automotive sector. The new application now makes it possible to guarantee highly accurate cuts on flexible rubber products.

Elasto Proxy, the blog

With its very active presence on the Web and social networks, ElastoProxy maintains a blog, among other things. Its regularly published blog posts introduce the firm’s products and services.