Our expertise

We contribute to the value chain

Businesses in the Elastomer Valley offer a high concentration of expertise. Custom mixers, transformers, parts makers, raw materials suppliers, OEM’s and toolmakers: their knowledge is extensive. We participate in our customers’ value chains, all around the globe.

We help to create competitive advantages

We do business with firms in diverse sectors who are seeking internationally recognized suppliers. The solutions and products that each of the cluster’s businesses develops has a positive impact in one or another of the manufacturing stages. Our methods and processes open the door to numerous competitive advantages for our customers.

The strength of our network

Whatever your activity sector, our businesses have the solutions. Contact them to learn more!

  • Transportation
  • Aerospace and medical
  • Commercial
  • Defence
  • Industrial


Specialized polymer compounds for specific processors

Design of OEM equipment

Weatherstrip components
(plastic clips & metal inserts)

Rubber molds and tooling, measuring jigs

Custom design Extruded and Molded parts

Specialized flooring

Rubber compounds for various seals

Moulded parts and extruded

Rubber compounds in compliance with Canadian and U.S. army specifications

Individual protective equipment

Custom design extruded or molded parts

Regenerated rubber from recycled rubber powder

Rubber recycling – TPE 100%

Rubber compounds resistant to hydrocarbon products

Rubber compounds used in manufacturing electrical wire sheathing, conveyor belts, and chemical or nuclear protective products

Custom design Molded parts and extruded

Weatherstrip components
(plastic clips & metal inserts)

Specialized industrial hoses

International presence

  • Air Boss
  • American Biltrite
  • Camso
  • Conceptromec
  • Delta Gomma
  • Elastoproxy
  • Falpaco
  • M.I. Integration
  • Milan Conception
  • Phoenix Innovation Technology
  • PPD Rubtech
  • Soucy Techno
  • Vicone
  • Waterville TG