2. Profitable results for Elastomer Valley…!

«Slow and steady wins the race.» La Fontaine’s proverb is particularly suited to the Elastomer Valley, which knew how to wait for the best opportunities at the right moment. In fact, after participating three times as an exhibitor at the International Elastomer Conference, the benefits of this on-site presence with a customized kiosk are finally appearing as positive results. This year the Valley made a great impression by inviting journalists from the review «Rubber and Plastic News» to its kiosk. It was the perfect moment! In the 2015-2020 Strategic Development Plan, one of the strategic BUSINESS issues, the MARKETING focus, discusses the importance for the Valley to «shine in North America» and to «support businesses in their trade missions.» After almost two hours of interviews with the magazine’s journalists, no less than 4 articles, including 2 highlighting the Valley, were published.